All organizations large and small deserve to be protected from Cybersecurity threats. Whether it is to ensure compliance or validate your controls, Connexmore, LLC is your partner in helping to improve your overall Cybersecurity Maturity. By leveraging our core competencies, we ensure that you are well-positioned to leverage your core competencies for your business needs.

Cybersecurity Assessment
A cybersecurity assessment is assessing your organization for its ability to deal with cybersecurity threats. This assessment takes into account policies, processes and procedures, as well as whether or not you have the right tools in place to identify potential threats or vulnerabilities that can be exploited in your environment. A vulnerability assessment is part of the overall cybersecurity assessment, as it looks at how vulnerable your enterprise is in regard to your network, systems, and the people who work for your organization. An assessment can be done in various different manners to address different objectives, with the end state being constant improvement in your cybersecurity hygiene. Although from a compliance requirement a lot of organizations require a third part to audit their environment, there are plenty of actions organizations can do, but here are a few:
1. Provide ongoing training to employees
2. Ensure systems and networking devices are regularly patched
3. Use vulnerability scanning tools to constantly scan your enterprise for potential threats
4. Use a patch management tool that allows for timely patching of the environment with reporting features
Penetration Test
Penetration testing is an active means of checking your enterprise for vulnerabilities. It’s not necessary for all organizations to do one, but can find vulnerabilities in your environment that you might otherwise miss. For some organizations it’s a compliance requirement. The intent of a penetration test is to:
1. Find vulnerabilities in your enterprise network and systems
2. Find the lack of training within your staff or a flaw in some of your procedures and processes
3. Identify capabilities of insider capabilities
4. Provide you with information on how to resolve the vulnerabilities and improve your cybersecurity maturity
Compliance Audit
A compliance audit is the best way to ensure that you’re meeting all the different compliance requirements your organization is required to meet, but may not necessarily result in improving your cybersecurity and information security capabilities. Although it is a great way to ensure you are compliant, such as with NIST, PCI-DSS, or other requirements, improving the maturity of your organization only happens through corrective action to implement the recommendations. One good way of doing a compliance audit is to leverage a document that has a cross-leveling of the different audits, controls, or frameworks, which allows your organization to see where you fall across the board; and then use that to mature your organizations cybersecurity maturity.
1. NIST 800-53 Rev 5 (900+ Controls)
2. NIST 800-171 (110 Controls)
3. NIST Cyber Security Framework
4. CIS Controls