Process Improvement

All organizations can realize an increase in bottom line revenue through process improvement, and sometimes it takes an external party to ask the questions needed to ensure an improvement in processes. Let Connexmore, LLC help you sure up your current processes or implement new ones to help you save costs and reduce process waste.

Process Assessment
One of the biggest issues some organizations have is the establishment of repeatable processes that are documented. Part of this is because of the number of ongoing changes that can happen in a process, and the person who may have been responsible for documenting that process may no longer be with the organization; or in some instances they are busy with other requirements. In an effort to improve processes, and ensure everyone is performing operations the same, a process assessment will allow your organization to:
1. Identify discrepancies across team members, and understand why the differences
2. Determine which processes appear to be more efficient in nature thereby allowing for a reduction in costs
3. Assist management in identifying which processes can be most beneficial to follow-on activities
Procedural Review
A procedural review is similar to a process assessment, but it is taking documented procedures and making a determination if they are being followed. This allows for a review with different individuals on the team to see if they are doing the processes the same or different, and if they are doing them different identify why. Sometimes a procedural review and identify outdated processes and procedures that are no longer relevant, and in turn become an opportunity for improvements in the processes, procedures and the documentation. This allows for the business to:
1. Get everyone in the organization back on the same page with what the processes should be.
2. Re-establish the baseline of what employees should know and be capable of doing within their respective disciplines.
3. Help to identify areas for improvement that may even support making changes to the job descriptions of the employees.
Process/Procedure Documentation
Considering a lot of organizations don’t always have someone on staff who can draft up the necessary documentation needed to support their processes and procedures, outsourcing this function is probably the best idea. It allows someone who is not part of the organization to see what different people in the organization do, and document the similarities and differences for consideration. Bringing on someone to augment staff in this regard allows for your organization to:
1. Establish baseline processes from which the organization can improve
2. Ensure everyone follows the same procedures and processes set forth and outlined in policy
3. Ensure that new hires are able to get trained up in a more efficient manner, as there will be less deviation from the implemented standards